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1200W Small LPG Dual-Fuel Generator.

Informação básica

Modelo: TL1200LGS

Descrição do produto

NOTE: We had tested it and the running time of the genset by using LPG is 2 times of the running time by using gasoline.

1. Economic:

1200w Genset(TL160F,120cc):

a. 3kg Gasoline-1.65 Hour Running(Full Speed) 1.825L/H=402g/kw-H

b. 3kg LPG--3.34 Hours Running(Full Speed) 0.9L/H=192.3g/kw-H

All datas were tested by precise instruments, we can send you Video.


2. Green.

LPG is green and environmental, if we we can help and save our world.


More Details: Please search 'Tenglong Power' on 'Youtube' to watch our test Video.



We promise all our generator are the top quality cooper winding motor. We despise some producers of shoddy. We guarrantee you get what you paid.

Fuel Tank: With oil level indicator

1)Type1: Without Fuel Excess Device. Means you need to stop the engine when you need to swhich the LPG into GASOLINE.


2)Type 2. With Excess Fuel Device, to keep the power stable when fuel is in low pressure.



You have more options:


1. 3KW,4kw,5kw,6kw,6.5KW Dual-Fuel Generator

     1 phase or 3 Phase, 50hz,60hz


2. 2KW, 2.5KW, 2.8KW Dual-Fuel Generator

    1 phase or 3 Phase, 50hz,60hz



Grupo de Produto : Alternador Escovado